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  1. A single Award will be given to the best Case Report, endowed with 2,000.00 euros.
  2. The case must be original and not have been published in any scientific journal.
  3. The lead author must be a resident.
  4. A maximum of 6 authors will be accepted.
  5. In order to compete, the Case Report must be submitted through the Congress’ contents management system (similar to the one for Communications) with the following documentation:

    • Document with the request to participate, which shall include the following: the name of the resident lead author, remaining authors, services to which they belong, hospital, and contact information.
    • Document with the Case Report in PDF with containing the following: a) title, b) introduction, in which the interest and originality of the case are justified, c) description of the case, including the clinical presentation and its evolution, d) brief discussion and pharmaceutical contribution, e) bibliography (maximum 5 references). The text (from the introduction to the bibliography, both inclusive) shall not exceed 10 DINA4 size pages, double-spaced with a font size of 12. Pictures and graphs can be included in these 10 pages.
  6. Communications can be submitted starting on 22 February 2016. The deadline for receipt of requests will be 24 April 2016. Any requests received after the above-mentioned date will be rejected.
  7. The selection of the best Case Reports will be made by a Jury comprised of the members of the Congress Committee, who will score the Case Reports objectively and will choose the EIGHT highest scoring of all the Case Reports received. The Jury’s evaluation will be blinded; no member of the Jury will be allowed to evaluate a Case Report from their own centre. The evaluation will include the originality and interest of the case, the pharmaceutical contribution, the presentation sent in and its iconography, according to the criteria attached in the addendum to these Terms & Conditions.
  8. The eight case reports chosen will be presented by one of the authors of the Case Report at a special session of the 61st SEFH National Congress in Gijon. Each author will be given a template with the standard slides that they must use for the presentation. Each author will have 6 minutes during which to present their case and 4 minutes for discussion with the audience. The session will be moderated by a member of the Congress Committee, the spokesperson for the residents, and the SEFH’s Head of Research. These eight Case Reports will be published as brief originals in the Revista de Farmacia Hospitalaria.
  9. The evaluation will be made jointly by a Jury and the audience. The Jury will be comprised of the three moderators and of another two members designated by the Congress Committee, and their score will account for 80% of each Case Report’s final score. The other 20% of the evaluation will be obtained from the scores obtained by each Case Report by the people attending the session. Only the delegates present in the hall from beginning to end will be able to score the Case Reports. Each delegate who enters the hall before the beginning of the session will be given a template with the eight case reports and the aspects to be scored. These templates will be collected at the end of the session and subsequently analysed to obtain the audience’s score. Depending on the technical means available, the audience’s evaluation may be made using an electronic template.
  10. Each Case Report will be scored from 1 to 10 on the following aspects: a) quality of the presentation, b) quality of the discussion and defence, c) originality and interest of the case and d) iconography.
  11. The final decision of the Jury will not be subject to appeal.
  12. The Awards will be given out during the Congress.

If you have already submitted your Clinical Case, you can check to see if it has been properly received.

Send a Clinical Case